Woman claims she was kicked out of gym after taking ‘tasteless’ Instagram pics

An OnlyFans and fitness model has claimed that she was kicked out of her small hometown gym after snapping photographs in the public setting. Shirls Larson said that the membership at her local gym of six years was terminated after she was caught taking “tasteless Instagram pictures”.

Once the model was caught taking snaps for her social media mid-workout, the gym made the brutal decision to say goodbye to the loyal customer. Taking to Twitter, she explained in a post: “I was kicked out of my small hometown gym of which I’ve been a member for six years for taking tasteless Instagram pictures.”

However, fans of the fitness model are convinced that Shirls was being “discriminated for being hot”, the Daily Star reports.

Beside her original tweet, Shirls attached a photo of her donning a two-piece purple set with a matching sports bra and booty shorts, whilst she was holding a dumbbell.

She took in the snap in her now former gym, which was taken in the bright pink locker room.

Vowing to be more “modest” and “tasteful”, Shirls shared an additional photo where she covered up in an oversize graphic T-Shirt and grey sweatpants, at her new gym.

“Here’s me at my new gym turning a new leaf,” she wrote aside the post.

“S/O modesty S/O being tasteful from now on S/O elegant grizzly bears.”

Shirls discussed the incident further in an Instagram post, explaining: “The reason my membership was terminated because I post ‘tasteless’ immodest content.

“I am free-spirited, I am friendly, I have a great sense of myself as significant and important REGARDLESS of what I choose to wear (or not wear).

She said she also respects people “regardless of how they dress, behave, [or] adhere to social standards.”

Supporting Shirls for her outrage, online users called out the gym for its “toxic” behaviour as they rushed to the comment section to praise the fitness model.

“Makes me so angry. Small conservative town proving just how toxic it can be!!” one wrote on Twitter, adding: “I am so sorry you are being discriminated for being HOT.”

A different user on Instagram commented: “They should be paying you to promote their gym. Your progress is impressive.”

Another person on Twitter echoed: “I meeeeean why wouldn’t they want the FREE advertisement?!”