Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha says ‘raging’ sister had meltdown over supermarket trip

Nadia Sawalha opened up about how her sister Dina was left ‘raging’ after a supermarket trip.

The Loose Women star opened up about her sibling’s reaction to seeing a rowing couple in the supermarket the other day. She made the comments after a discussion about a ‘sexist’ dating advert, where the woman does a number of household tasks for a man.

Whilst her initial conversation had viewers – and the rest of the panel – stunned as she appeared to suggest her sister was going to ‘arrest’ the man for being in a supermarket with his partner, it was later revealed that Dina was particularly upset by the man’s behaviour. She decided to follow him around the supermarket and scowl at him every time he stopped.

Speaking on the ITV show today, she said: “I’ll tell you a funny story. My sister Dina came in yesterday, raging from the supermarket. She goes, why do some women take their husbands to the supermarket.

“‘I’ve just spent half an hour longer than I needed to in the supermarket because I had to follow this man.’ I wanted to do either a proper arrest – if I was a WPC, I would have arrested him, or I was thinking about doing a citizens arrest.”

Nadia continued: “So I was like, what happened? [My sister said] horrible horrible horrible, he was. And she’d said to him, oh shall we get some peas. And he said, we’ve got peas and she said, I’m sorry. And he said, how did you not know we’ve got peas?

“And my sister said it was so horrible the way he spoke to her. She followed them all the way round and she’s a real south London bird. Everywhere he stopped, I stopped and just [scowled at him and pulled a face at him].

Nadia and her other sister Julia reportedly don’t get on very well, and whilst she is now close to Dina, it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2018, Nadia had revealed how the pair didn’t speak to months after falling out with her sibling, sharing at the time: “We’ve had some rocky times in our relationship, but the culprit has always been men.

“I was begging her not to marry her partner (they’re now separated) and we didn’t speak for a long while after that. I remember sending her a text saying, ‘I’m completely heartbroken’ – I was.”